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South Lakes Action on Climate Change Towards Transition (SLACCtt) is a community-based charity which brings together people who want to do something about climate change and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are part of the global Transition Town Network, and our aim is to decrease the dependence of the South Lakes community on fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions and help build local resilience in key areas such as food, energy, transport and economics.  We also campaign and raise awareness on local, national and international climate change issues.

Our latest Flash Mob sent as a message to World Leaders in Paris December 2015

FlashMob in Kendal December 2015 from Liz Ashburn on You Tube

We’re looking for a voluntary Chairperson for our Board of Trustees September/October 2015

Do you care about the environment and want Kendal and District to be a great and ‘green’ place to live? Are you interested in how we ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and live in harmony with nature? Do you want people in your local community to be able to travel around safely without needing a car? Are you inspired by the possibility of renewable energy or local food sourcing? Are you interested in how to motivate local communities to reduce their environmental impact and take positive action on climate change? Do you have available about two days each month to help lead a community organisation and registered charity which wants to do all those things?   We’re looking for an inspiring Chairperson and you might be just the person for the job!  Visit this page for more information.

Get involved

Check out our projects page to find out what we’re doing, and what campaigns and projects you could get involved in.  If you have an idea for a new project, get in touch or come along to our next meeting or event.  Please forgive us if some things seem a little out-of-date – it’s because we’re all volunteers and often too busy working on campaigns and projects to attend to the website!

We rely on membership fees for much of our work (annual membership only £10!).  Click here for details on how to join.  We also produce a free monthly newsletter, giving details of upcoming events, talks, courses, news and calls-to-action.  Sign up for this here.

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