Planter. Help needed

South Lakes Against Climate Change (SLACC), working together with Kendal Town Council, maintain 3 demonstration edible planters, two at Maude’s Meadow, and now at the Leisure Centre. Stuart Lockton maintains the Leisure Centre one with Heron Hill School. Debbie Greenwood has maintained the Maude Street planters but has had to withdraw due to a life changing illness.   We do need others to help us with this project so please contact usIMG_0801

slacc tt Review Group

The Review Group (set up at the AGM)  is meeting during the summer and will be contacting members in September or before with our ideas for how slacc tt moves forward.


AGM and Jacobs Join at The Gate,Maude Street, Kendal on Wednesday 20th May 7.15pm.  Please bring a simple dish to share.

20’s Plenty

20’s plenty campaign, Kendal

20 limits are cheap, quick and easy to implement – even without traffic calming, they still deliver big safety benefits, and increased levels of walking and cycling!

  • 20 limits save lives, especially the lives of children and the elderly. We are campaigning for widespread 20 limits, not just around schools, as 80% of collisions involving children do not happen on the journey to or from school
  • 20 limits reduce pollution by smoothing stop-start traffic – in Germany, 18.6mph (30kph) limits reduced fuel consumption by 12%.       Kendal has serious traffic pollution problems
  • Collision reduction, improved fuel efficiency and reduced insurance premiums in 20mph postcodes reduce motoring costs – good for those currently without a choice not to drive
  • Safer roads encourage walking and cycling, making everyone healthier and happier – 20 limits are good for community life
  • 20 limits help to keep businesses alive with local customers. Small shops are better able to thrive, or at least compete with edge of town multinational retailersFor more information see : 20’s Plenty for Kendal on Twitter @20sPlentyKendal

    OR   contact us at to be added to our mailing list.

Sustainable Transport

Please support this Consultation.  It is an important opportunity.

Friday 19th September between 3pm and 7pm.

Greening Kendal’s transport  Georgian Room, Kendal Town Hall, ALL WELCOME.



Our monthly newsletter has gone out today, Saturday 6th September.  If you are not registered to receive it then register at the bottom of the page on this website.



Well done Brakes@Beats at Mintfest tonight.   Bike Gen managed to power Nathan Lopez a great Beat Boxer, and 15 children who put on a great biking display.


Breaks & Beats

See us and “Bike Gen” this weekend at Abbot Hall for “Breaks and Beats”, Art Powered by People.  FRIDAY Performances now moved (due to rain forecast)  to the Brewery Maltroom, 6pm and 7:45pm. 

SATURDAY Performances by 15 young people on the grass outside Abbot Hall at  6 pm and 7.45 pm