Waste into Wellbeing Co-ordinator

 Waste into Wellbeing (part of South Lakes Action on Climate Change) works to ensure that waste from local shops and supermarkets is turned into nourishing meals, provided on a pay what you can basis or is distributed to areas of greatest need.

We are now very excited to be able to employ a Co-ordinator, initially on a one year contract, to help us manage and develop the concept.  Success will ultimately be measured by the amount of food saved from landfill and the number of nourishing meals served to vulnerable people.


About Us

Kendal People’s Café (KPC) is a volunteer led, social project, at the heart of Kendal’s Food Community, contributing to a more resilient Cumbria by turning Waste into Wellbeing.

The People’s Café  and the Food Hub at 155 Stricklandgate, is an established part of Kendal’s scene, in terms of the reduction in food waste and the provision of support for those in need.   It is widely respected by civic, commercial and voluntary groups in the Town and in January 2019, won the Kendal Town Council “Wainwright Award” for the group which has contributed most to the residents of the town. This followed its success in being named as The Best Food Initiative 2017 at the Cumbria Life Food and Drink Awards.

Our team of 30 volunteers run a monthly, pay what you can café from the South Lakes Foyer, a Lunch Bunch event in conjunction with the NHS and have had a presence at many community events, including the Torchlight Carnival.  We have also provided meals, to those in need, during the school holidays and at Christmas.  All of this is supported by our new Hub, which also redistributes ‘waste’ food in partnership with local residents’ associations.

The Role

We are looking for someone who, above all else, has fantastic people and relationship building skills to help us consolidate our success and move into the next chapter of our development.  It will be essential to develop and build upon partnerships with supermarkets, shops, cafes, residents’ associations and volunteers, who are the life blood of the organisation.  As it is a multi-faceted, part time role, the Co-ordinator will need to be  well organised and have good IT skills.  A passion for food and for helping people would be incredibly important to succeed in this role.

Job Description

  • To manage existing relationships with suppliers, partners and stake holders.
  • To develop effective new relationships with suppliers, partners and stake holders.
  • To promote the Café and Hub to potential new beneficiaries.
  • To help recruit, train, support and retain volunteers in both the Café and the Hub.
  • To oversee the MyImpact app to ensure that both Café and Hub are ‘staffed’ each week.
  • To manage the volunteer team to ensure a balance between food accepted from suppliers and its distribution to residents’ associations and the Café.
  • To attend oversight meetings to report on progress and make suggestions for the next period.
  • To support us measuring the social impact of the initiative and report back to funders and the Oversight Group.

Person Specification

  • Able to demonstrate success at relationship building and partnership management.
  • Show experience of managing volunteers to achieve social impact objectives.
  • Be able to demonstrate an interest in food. Understanding of food hygiene and of how ‘waste’ food can be turned in to nourishing meals.
  • Good level of IT skills and ability to use social media.
  • Able to work flexibly to suit the demands of partners and volunteers
  • Able to work to deadlines.

    Hours will be flexible but amounting to 12 hours a week with a one year contract (extensions subject to future funding and direction).  We are happy to discuss terms of employment depending on the individual situation, with either self -employed or employee status and pay rates in the region of £15 to £20 hour, depending on experience and the agreed terms of employment.


                Applications should be made by e mail to : slacc@slacc.org.uk   before 12.00 midnight on Monday 20th January.     Interviews will be held for those shortlisted on Wednesday 29th January.  There will be a short task on the day which does not require specific prior preparation

You should send your CV and a covering letter which offers evidence of how your knowledge and skills match the person specification.

Whitehaven Coal Mine Hearing

HEARING POSTPONED (for proposed coal mine at Whitehaven

Cumbria County Council (CCC) have postponed the hearing for the proposed coal mine at  to Tuesday 19 March

Please click here for online updates of the date of the hearing and any associated protests or type bit.ly/SLACCttNOtoCOAL into your browser.

Coal mining has got to be stopped. The carbon emissions from this proposal would be large enough to scupper aims for Cumbria to become carbon neutral by 2030 as part of a hoped-for declaration of a Climate Emergency by Cumbria County Council, and even to meet current climate commitments. They would also equate to thousands of climate deaths [according to calculations by Laurie Michaelis]. Please therefore don’t lose interest: this could be the most important influence we can have regarding climate change in Cumbria for many years.

Pollination Project

Thanks to Ian Rodham, our co-ordinator for the Pollination Project and to the Schools and groups who are engaging again this year with the plots on Kendal’s old canal towpath.


We know that GDPR meant that we lost a number of subscribers.    If you are not receiving the Newsletter please e mail us at slaclimatechange@googlemail.com

Pollination Project

Congratulations to all the children and volunteers who have helped to plant 10,000 wildflower plug plants this autumn.   we now look forward to seeing the results next summer.


Pollination Project

September is going to be a busy month.  Check out the dates of various activities, many of which need volunteers.    The pollination project is grant funded by The Ernest Cook Trust.masthead-logo copy

16th/17th Sept  SLACC volunteers needed to complete any raking off from plots

18th Sept  Continental Landscapes:  will collect hay from piles

19th Sept    KCV and SLACC volunteers needed to  support school children planting wildflowers  (Also SLACC volunteers to support Sea Cadets planting wildflowersdate  date to be confirmed)

23rd Sept 5.30pm-6.45pm   SLACC volunteers needed to  support Kingfisher children planting wildflowers

26th Sept   KCV and SLACC volunteers needed to  support school children planting wildflowers



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How much are membership fees?

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Some members pay monthly, others on an annual basis.  You simply need to tell us how frequently and how much you’d like to contribute.  The minimum fee is £10 a year.

Why join SLACC-tt?

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  • Examples of how current members are already helping. Fees allow us to

1)      Continue campaigning activities related to local climate related issues. We are currently supporting campaigners against the proposed Cumbria coal mine

2)      Improve our support to local groups that are affiliated to us, such as Kendal Peoples Café (KPC diverts waste food from landfill whilst offering a service to the local people

3)      Collaborate with others, including the Town Council and local schools. Recently completed projects include the pollinator citizen science project with primary school children.  We are also developing a project on local forms of active travel

4)      Continue to deliver other community environmental projects as well     as maintaining valuable legacy projects such as the Bike Generator

5)  Educate and share knowledge, including new initiatives such as a weekly column in the Westmorland Gazette in 2020

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