Whitehaven Coal Mine Hearing

HEARING POSTPONED (for proposed coal mine at Whitehaven

Cumbria County Council (CCC) have postponed the hearing for the proposed coal mine at  to Tuesday 19 March

Please click here for online updates of the date of the hearing and any associated protests or type bit.ly/SLACCttNOtoCOAL into your browser.

Coal mining has got to be stopped. The carbon emissions from this proposal would be large enough to scupper aims for Cumbria to become carbon neutral by 2030 as part of a hoped-for declaration of a Climate Emergency by Cumbria County Council, and even to meet current climate commitments. They would also equate to thousands of climate deaths [according to calculations by Laurie Michaelis]. Please therefore don’t lose interest: this could be the most important influence we can have regarding climate change in Cumbria for many years.

Pollination Project

Thanks to Ian Rodham, our co-ordinator for the Pollination Project and to the Schools and groups who are engaging again this year with the plots on Kendal’s old canal towpath.


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Pollination Project

Congratulations to all the children and volunteers who have helped to plant 10,000 wildflower plug plants this autumn.   we now look forward to seeing the results next summer.


Pollination Project

September is going to be a busy month.  Check out the dates of various activities, many of which need volunteers.    The pollination project is grant funded by The Ernest Cook Trust.masthead-logo copy

16th/17th Sept  SLACC volunteers needed to complete any raking off from plots

18th Sept  Continental Landscapes:  will collect hay from piles

19th Sept    KCV and SLACC volunteers needed to  support school children planting wildflowers  (Also SLACC volunteers to support Sea Cadets planting wildflowersdate  date to be confirmed)

23rd Sept 5.30pm-6.45pm   SLACC volunteers needed to  support Kingfisher children planting wildflowers

26th Sept   KCV and SLACC volunteers needed to  support school children planting wildflowers