Fracking environmental impact assessments

Lancashire County Council is in the process of determining which issues will need to be addressed by Cuadrilla in the Environmental Impact Assessments that will accompany any future planning applications to frack in Lancashire.  Cuadrilla has submitted its own proposed scope to the Council, who have in turn sent this out to various statutory consultees for comment.  However, despite the highly contentious nature of this issue, and contrary to EU best practice guidance, the Council has made no provision whatsoever for other interested parties (e.g. local community groups, technical experts, non-governmental environmental organisations, etc) to feed into the scoping process.  This is critical because any issues not included within the scope (and so far there are several very important issues excluded) will not be addressed in the Environmental Impact Assessement.

Please therefore send a letter Letter to Lancs County Council –(WORD Version for adapting to a  personalised version of it) to Stuart Perigo at Lancashire County Council calling on him to expand the list of consultees to ensure that all important issues are included within the scope (  The more letters they receive the more likely they are to take notice.
Thanks very much, Gwen Harrison
See the scoping documents here.

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