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Our Newsletter incorrectly said that 2795 is the amount of CO2 which would be released if the UK shale gas reserves are exploited, which is a mistake.  2795 is the amount of CO2 that would be released if all the proven reserves were burned (before we even consider shale gas). 


We’ve set up an email discussion group – Frack Free Cumbria – so people can share information and plan actions. Click here to sign up (then click on the ‘first login’ button to the right of the page to set up a password).  All posts are moderated for their usefulness to ensure we don’t all get inundated with emails!

A useful link explaining Fracking and associated issues can be seen at             click  here for the direct link.

Fracking – the technique used to extract natural gas from rocks such as shale  – has caused a wide range of environmental, social and human health problems in the USA, where the practice has become widespread.  Furthermore, the continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels is threatening our chances of preventing runaway climate change.

The fossil fuel industry and the Coalition government are determined to push ahead with it here in the UK, despite massive public opposition and increasingly strong evidence of its harmful, and potentially irreversible, impacts.

Large areas of the country, including parts of Cumbria, have been earmarked as being potentially suitable. Grass-roots campaigns have been amazingly successful in keeping fracking at bay so far, but it’s going to need all hands on deck if we’re to keep it that way.


Get involved:
SLACC TT is actively campaigning against fracking.  We organise talks, film screenings and other events, and also do lots of grass roots activism – whether that’s joining protests, lobbying decision-makers or writing to the press.

Join in the discussion by signing up to our email group – Frack Free Cumbria.

The following sites have lots of very useful information:


Past Events:

Wed 16 October – 7p.m. Screening of GasLand (US documentary about fracking), Shakespeare Centre, Kendal.  free entry, donations welcome
The Co-operative has kindly agreed to fund the licence for us to show the award-winning US documentary, GasLand.  This documentary follows the progress of the shale gas revolution that has swept through America, destroying vast swathes of the country and leaving local communities in tatters.
Snacks and soft drinks provided.


Sat 19 October, 11 til 3  GLOBAL FRACKDOWN, the Birdcage (top of Finkle Street), Kendal

On this international day of action on fracking and other unconventional fossil fuel extraction, SLACC TT will be sharing the Birdcage in the centre of Kendal with the Comic Art Festival. We’ll be raising awareness on unconventional gas extraction. Come along and see us on the day to find out more, discover what SLACC is doing, and how you can join the rapidly expanding movement to make sure unconventional fossil fuels stay in the ground.  See


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