SLACC Meeting “Our Kendal our future”    IDEAS FOR ACTION IN 2014


Quick Gains

Action Who was interested? Comment
Find Newsletter volunteers Claire Wickham Doodle poll sent – call out made in January newsletter
More focussed publicity to raise SLAC’s profile See suggestions below
Convert some newsletter recipients to active members Claire Wickham Jane Willis, Jo Magne See suggested actions below
Bike Gen –activity Chris Rowley
Cycle event 2014 Rory plus Ruth, Liz, Adam, Dave P, Ruth, Karen, Helen R

Long term Gains

Action Who was interested? Comment
Create a strategic message that captures attention and makes people want to “join the club” Adam, Edward Inclusinve, succingt, positive, non-confrontational
Bring on/ encourage the next generation of activists
Local food and local currency – connecting local supply with local demand Helen R, Hilary, Adam
Political influence Daphne, Sue, Henry, Gwen, Dave
Make fracking an issue at the general election Gwen, Sue, Henry, Daphne, Dave, Hilary
 Effective campaign – institutions have divested
More people cycling and fewer cars
K-set Water Turbine

Raising SLACC’s profile – suggestions:

  • Bigger banner (note – we’ve found our banner!)
  • SLACC Info leaflets
  • More opportunities to get involved
  • More events

Convert some newsletter recipients to active members – suggestions:

  • Welcome new members specifically
  • Clearer member offer
  • Promote to neighbourhood forums
  • Create a more “club” feel
  • Be represented on forums/boards/parish councils/churches/schools
  • Fun family/individual challenges to be green

Bring on next generation of activists – suggestions

  • Courses (an NVQ)
  • Get sustainability on national curriculum
  • Schools feeding themselves

More people cycling – suggestions

  • A critical mass bike ride
  • More cycle routes
  • Cycle lanes on roads
  • Confidence building events
  • Training drivers – cycle awareness





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