Saturday 9th December
We’ll be making, decorating and learning how to fold Furoshiki – these beautiful reusable wrapping cloths at the ‘South Lakes Foyer/Kendal People’s Cafe Alternative Christmas Fair’. Learn more about Furoshiki (Japanese fabric wrapping).
Do you have any lovely cloths you could transform and use for wrapping your gifts this Christmas? We’ll have folding guides, scissors and sewing machines on the go to help you make them all neat and tidy, and you can brush up your sewing skills too (and fix your own clothes in future…) Donations of cloth welcome- we don’t want to have buy anything new. Waste not, want not.  Email:



Sign our petition to local Kendal businesses, asking that they cut down on plastic / waste  – for more information:




October 2017

Collecting signatures

Collecting signatures for the plastic-free Kendal petition

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