KWESP   Killington Wind Energy Support Project.

This is a short term project to support the proposals for a wind farm at Killington.   You can see the proposal at this site.

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The Planning Committee voted to accept the proposal to build a wind farm at Killington.   The debate was long with many views from both sides and some good presentations representing a range of positions.  We are pleased that climate change was accepted as a significant factor in making the final decision.  Many thanks to everyone who helped secure this position.

JANUARY 20th Flashmob.      On January 20th we will performed  a “Flash Mob” event in support of wind power in Kendal Market Place.   See the video here.

Useful papers explaining and justifying onshore wind can be found at : Beyond the Bluster and Common Concerns

It is also important to be aware the report “Cumbria Renewable Energy Capacity and Deployment Study” by an independent group August 2011.   This is a significant report which is all too rarely mentioned.  Visit it by clicking on the link.

You can e-mail a letter to Mark Shipman (planner at sldc) at   Or write to :  Mark Shipman Planning Officer, SLDC, Lowther Street, Kendal. LA9 4DQ     RE :  application reference SL/2012/0845 

In your letter you may wish to cover the following topics:

  • The need for onshore wind farms to reduce carbon emissions and to provide a secure and affordable source of energy.
  •  Why you think the Killington Wind Farm is in a good location e.g. by a motorway, away from houses, outside protected areas
  •  Your views on the visual impact of turbines on the landscape
  •   Your views on the social, economic and environmental benefits of the Killington wind farm.

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