Thank you for taking the first step towards becoming a member of SLACC-tt.

We want as many people as possible to become a member so have a range of membership fees you can choose from.

How much are membership fees?

Membership fees start as little as £10 a year.  Of course, you may be able to pay more than that and we welcome whatever amount you feel comfortable to contribute.

Some members pay monthly, others on an annual basis.  You simply need to tell us how frequently and how much you’d like to contribute.  The minimum fee is £10 a year.

Why join SLACC-tt?

SLACC-tt campaigns on a variety of issues related to climate change and works locally to increase understanding of the implications of climate change, to reduce waste of resources in all its forms and to promote transition towards a more sustainable and low carbon community. Your membership helps us make a difference.

SLACC-tt membership allows you to:

  • Inform our priorities and policies by using your voting rights at our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Enable us to speak to and for the local community in representing the issues surrounding climate change locally
  • Help us meet the production costs of our FREE monthly E-newsletter
  • Our charitable status enables us to complement other groups by carrying out funded projects which they find it hard to fund and manage.
  • Examples of how current members are already helping. Fees allow us to

1)      Continue campaigning activities related to local climate related issues. We are currently supporting campaigners against the proposed Cumbria coal mine

2)      Improve our support to local groups that are affiliated to us, such as Kendal Peoples Café (KPC diverts waste food from landfill whilst offering a service to the local people

3)      Collaborate with others, including the Town Council and local schools. Recently completed projects include the pollinator citizen science project with primary school children.  We are also developing a project on local forms of active travel

4)      Continue to deliver other community environmental projects as well     as maintaining valuable legacy projects such as the Bike Generator

5)  Educate and share knowledge, including new initiatives such as a weekly column in the Westmorland Gazette in 2020

How do I join?

To join, simply email Lisa

In your email to Lisa please answer the following questions.

  1. Please state your name
  2. State if you wish to pay monthly or yearly?
  3. State how much you are happy to pay each month or year?
  4. If you are wanting to pay yearly, state if you happy for this to be recurring payment or just a one off payment?

Once we receive your email, Lisa will contact you to process your membership.

We hope you take action and join us today.

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