COP 21 PARIS 2015.  Updates from slacc tt members time in Paris


Another update on 11th December click here

On Human rights Day, Thursday 10th Dec, Maggie, Andy and Sue attended our first open air gathering with 300+ others, at the Peace Wall near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We sang, heard speeches and danced with people from all round the world – indigenous groups who are being affected by coal, oil, gas extraction, calling “Keep it in the Ground”; and representatives from the Philippines, Mexico, USA, Canada, sharing their experiences of pollution and damage to their communities from extraction.

IMG_3379Gatherings like this and peaceful protest and lobbying have taken place this week, despite legal restrictions on demonstrating in Paris. We understand that in the state of emergency any more than 2 people together making a political statement is prohibited.



We visited the Place de la Republic earlier this week to pay our respects to those who lost their lives so very recently and so very young – it was a very moving experience.


The Red Line action tomorrow is going ahead in the hope that with our bodies we can demonstrate the Red Line of climate emergency which should not be crossed if we are to keep within safe limits. “1.5 to Stay Alive” – is a call that is coming from the countries already being affected by climate change.


As to the formal negotiations taking place at Le Bourget, it is looking doubtful whether any legally binding agreement with adequate financial arrangements, will come out of the talks. However the aspirational goal of 1.5 degrees centigrade is being considered. The INDC’s are projected to take us to at least 3 degrees. The negotiations are being extended into the weekend to allow more time for positive action (not just words) to emerge. The devil is in the detail; for example the extensions to carbon trading, and on the financial contribution that each country is willing to offer. Aviation and shipping are not included. The paragraph on human rights has been deleted in the draft that came out last night.

The photos of the devastating floods in Kendal and across Cumbria bring home the urgency of dealing with the effects of climate change at a global and local level. Our thoughts are with those affected by the floods.

From Sue, Maggie and Andy and Henry in Paris

Another update on 11th December click here

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