Support Baywind and its bid to re-power Harlock Hill before 23rd September 2013

Baywind is asking for your support to help influence positively this final stage. The Planning Inspector would like to hear from interested parties and any supportive views put to him are of the utmost importance in his deliberation.  This is our chance to give the final push to the re-powering of the Harlock Hill wind turbines! You may have already received a letter from the inspector if you previously wrote in support of the application.

 Please make sure that your comments are submitted by Monday 23rd September 2013 which is the appeal deadline.  When writing to the Planning Inspector, please ensure that you:

  • Put your full name and address details on any correspondence
  • Refer to the Appeal Case Reference Number which is APP/M0933/A/13/2203115
  • Mention the following site details: Land at Harlock Hill and Mean Moor, located approximately 4km   north west of Ulverston
  • State clearly that you write in support of the project

As the main point of argument concerns the visibility of the turbines in the landscape, it is important to address this issue in particular.  For example, you could say about how you feel about the look of a wind turbine and that you would not be deterred from visiting the local area, in particular well known local viewpoints such as the Hoad Monument and Birkrigg Common, if Furness Wind Farm were to be built.  You could also point out the many benefits of the Furness Wind Farm, such as a contribution to the community benefit fund, increased power output, the continuation of the pioneering Baywind Co-op or for more information please visit the website

The Case Officer is Mr. Robert Wordsworth. Comments can be made: Online: please click the link and follow the directions:

By email: 

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