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Organic Vegetables
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Welcome to SLACCtt

South Lakes Action on Climate Change Towards Transition (SLACCtt) is a community-based charity which brings together people who want to do something about climate change and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are part of the global Transition Town Network, and our aim is to decrease the dependence of the South Lakes community on fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions and help build local resilience in key areas such as food, energy, transport and economics. 

SLACC chair of trustees, Carole Wood

SLACC also campaign and raise awareness on local, national and international climate change issues.

Currently Waste into Wellbeing and the Cumbria Coal Mine Campaign are our primary projects.

Six reasons why SLACC opposes the proposed Coal Mine

1. Emissions: It will lead to emissions of 9,000,000 Tonnes of CO2 every year.

2. Global Leadership: The global political consensus is to eliminate coal. The UK needs to show leadership as it continues as the host country of COP26 until the end of 2022.

3. Low Carbon Steel is the Future: The steel industry understands the problem of using coal and is investing in alternative low emission fuel sources such as hydrogen.

4. High Sulphur Content: The proposed Cumbria mine will produce a quality of coal that is not suitable for UK and European steel makers.

5. Jobs: West Cumbria needs jobs that have a future, jobs tied to renewable energy, energy efficiency and a low carbon Cumbria.

6. Ancient Woodland: The proposed development would lead to destruction of an area of ancient woodland.

Get Involved

Check out our Projects page to find out about our projects and how you could get involved.  If you have an idea for a new project, get in touch or come along to our next meeting or event.

Click the image to read all about Waste into Wellbeing.

Become a Member

We rely on membership fees for much of our work (annual membership from £10). We also produce a free monthly newsletter, giving details of upcoming events, talks, courses, news and calls-to-action.

Kendal Takes Climate Action

Kendal’s Climate Citizens’ Jury took place in 2021. Read about the recommendations on their website and see what’s happening in Kendal on the Zero Carbon Kendal website.

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