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A Transition Town

SLACCtt is organised loosely on the Transition Town model. We run projects around themes associated with  Food, Energy and Buildings, Transport, Creativity.

A transition initiative (could be a town, village, college, etc) is a community-led project that links into the national ‘Transition Network’.

South Lakes Action on Climate Change towards transition

The aim of SLACCtt is to address the twin issues of Climate Change and Peak Oil within the area by decreasing the dependence of the community on fossil fuels, lowering carbon emissions and by building a stronger, resilient community that is able to be more independent in areas such as food, energy, transport, healthcare and economics.

We believe that only with the cooperation and involvement of all sectors of the community – individuals, voluntary groups, local businesses, churches, council, schools – is it possible to deal collectively with the two greatest challenges facing us today and to come up with the solutions together.  

SLACCtt is a registered charity (No. 1139474). It has Trustees who hold responsibility for the financial matters. Trustees meet bi-monthly. In addition a HUB meets on the alternate month to determine strategies to achieve our aims.

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Our Aims

The key aims of SLACC Towards Transition are as follows:

  • To increase awareness of local and global issues surrounding Climate Change and Peak Oil.
  • To reduce South Lakeland’s overall Green House Gas emissions and dependence on Fossil Fuels.
  • To establish and support South Lakeland as a Transition District.
  • To take every reasonable step to minimise the Green House Gas emissions resulting from the groups’ activities.

Our Trustees (2022-23)

  • Angela Lovett
  • Chris Rowley (Secretary)
  • Alan Lovett
  • Sally Flemming
  • Carole Wood (Chair)
  • Quentin Merritt