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AGM 2023

Reports for 2022

Reports for 2021

Report for 2020

Our Annual Report this year includes a Charities Commission receipts and Payment end of year account plus a budget for 2021.

Plans for 2020

Key points to bear in mind when looking at the 2020 budget.

The budget is based on predictions on 1st January 2020.  Since then more funds have arrived (in response to the COVID 19 crisis) or have been promised, including a grant from CCF for £4000 and Neighbourly for £400.

Also a number of gifts have been made specifically to help the Waste into Wellbeing (WintoW) operation.   These are all included in our ongoing budget for KPC/ WintoW.

The pollinator project has been completed but ran over into 2020 in terms of some final payments.  As a result it still appears in the budget for 2020.

Reports for 2019

The Annual Report, Balance sheet and AGM minutes for 2019 are now available to download.

Key points to bear in mind when looking at the 2019 accounts.

Currently the Kendal Peoples Café (KPC) have money held in a Cumberland account.   Slacc also holds accounts in a Unity Trust online current account.    Ultimately we intend to have a sub account within Unity Trust for Kendal Peoples Café and the KPC accounts will be monitored by Joanne Heather (as she does currently with the Cumberland Account).   In the interim some KPC money from grants and some gifts comes into the main Slacc account as that is more easily managed being online.    The remainder of the KPC budget remains in the Cumberland account.   In terms of accounting this means that we currently hold a separate budget for KPC which merges the two.  Robin Cope, Slacc treasurer, also checks the KPC accounts for accuracy.