Contribute to a film project

Make the March is an arts and environmental project designed to bring communities together to keep climate change on the agenda. 

On the 5th of June (World Environment day) Lara and others are launching a campaign to get as many people to Make the March by creating mini protesters, like the one above, to share in their windows and online. 

They need your help to put together our call out: 

  1. Help by recording the audio call out (we’ll piece this together so that it comes from many voices) – Script on page 2 . 
  • If you have an idea of what you would write on your protest placard, They would love it if you could record a 10 second video of you saying your phrase aloud (this will form part of a montage at the end of our call out) 


You can use any phone or device to record these, an audio file for the first task or video for the second. 

If you are recording a video please do this in LANDSCAPE.

Please make sure there are no loud noises in the background and speak loudly and slowly.  

Please send us your recordings via email, WeTransfer or by sharing a link to google drive (social channels will compress the file too small for our software to use)        

Script for audio: 

For the first time since we were children, we have been given time.

Time to slow down and reconnect with nature, to enjoy our time outside in the sun and to look at the starry skies at night. 

Time to enjoy the quiet.  

While life in Covid -19 Lockdown is on pause for us, nature is returning. Wildflowers bloom with uncut hedges, animals roam without fear of traffic and reduced carbon emissions have given the chance for our earth to take a breath.

When we join together, little people can make a big difference.

Change IS possible.  

Now is the time to keep climate change and environment on the agenda, and make sure that our positive progress towards a sustainable planet will not be undone.

While we can’t march in person, we can still make sure our voices are heard.

Click on the link below for information on how to make & upload your protester.

Join them and lets continue to make a positive difference. Together we can Make the March