Decision made to proceed with legal challenge to Government decision on coal mine

SLACC Trustees made an unanimous decision yesterday (8th January) to ask our legal team to challenge the decision of the Secretary of State for Levelling Up Housing and Communities to grant planning permission for the Whitehaven Coal mine to go ahead. We believe there is a strong legal case against the interpretation of planning law* made by the planning inspector and (hence) the Government. As a small charity we have launched a fundraising campaign to finance our legal costs.

The mine, if it were to go ahead, would significantly contribute to the climate crisis both here in the UK and globally. It would also severely damage the UK Government’s global climate leadership and give the green light for other countries to approve coal extraction and use. We believe that the Government needs to be forward looking, encouraging jobs in Cumbria that have a future. The people and communities in Whitehaven deserve better than what a mine can offer.

*a statutory appeal under section 288 the Town and Country planning act 1990.