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Other Groups in Cumbria

Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS): The primary aim of CAfS is to promote sustainable development, originally in Eden, and more recently across Cumbria. They run the annual Cumbria Green Build Festival.

Sustainable Carlisle: A network of people and projects in Carlisle that want to make their city more sustainable for present and following generations, and to help create a peaceful, vibrant, resilient future based on ecological wisdom and social justice.

Cycle Carlisle: Cycle Carlisle aims to make cycling in Carlisle safe, convenient and popular. They hope to encourage people to use cycling as part of their normal daily transport and turn Carlisle into a progressive cycle-friendly City.

Towards a Community Transition: Based in Windermere, Bowness-on-Windermere & Troutbeck Bridge. The group was formed in February 2010 as a response to a group of community members wanting to work more with sustainability issues & green awareness in the immediate area.

Sustainable Brampton: Now an official Transition Initiative (the first in Cumbria), Sustainable Brampton’s purpose is to develop a local response to the environmental issues of the day and to promote more sustainable lifestyles in Brampton and surrounding area. Issues include carbon emmisions, food miles, organic food, saving energy and much more.

Sustainable Alston Moor: SAM is a community group championing the low impact/peak oil/transition town agenda on Alston Moor. They are currently looking into community renewable energy schemes, community allotments, composting and credit unions.

Ambleside Climate Change Forum: This group is currently dormant, having set up the Ambleside Allotments Association. To find out more about ACCF contact Lakeland Permaculture. ACCF has been a group of local people  meeting together since 2006. Members have been local residents together with University of Cumbria students and staff.

Esthwaite Green Link: A small  but currently dormant group run by residents in Hawkshead who are committed to helping their community become more environmentally friendly and reduce their impact on climate change.

Penrith Action for Community Transition: Penrith ACT (or ‘PACT’) was started during 2008, and is part of the growing transition network, working to develop community-based responses to the twin challenges of peak oil & climate change. PACT is made up of a group of like-minded and enthusiastic volunteers, committed to making a difference in the local area.

Sustainable Keswick (SusKes): SusKes has been formed to encourage people in and around Keswick to make choices about the way they live that are sustainable and beneficial to the community and the environment.

Riversmeet: Based in Cockermouth, Riversmeet aims to be a catalyst to positive change towards a more creative, cooperative and sustainable society, by supporting personal and collective initiative within Town’s immediate Bio-Region.

Sustainable Energy Network Staveley (SENS): SENS was formed in November 2007 to discuss sustainability action in the village, explore the potential for hydro-electric schemes, promote cycling and car sharing, fair trade, renewable technologies and to raise awareness of and take action on climate change.

Ulverston Medicine Garden: Locally grown herbal medicine, courses, herbal walks.

Lancaster Transition Town: Not officially in Cumbria but close enough to warrant a mention on this page. Part of the Transition Network working for a low carbon future.

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Alternative Media Sites

Media Lens: looks at how news and commentary can be ‘filtered’ by the media’s profit-orientation, by its dependence on advertisers, parent companies, wealthy owners and official news sources..

Schnews: Free weekly direct action newsheet published in Brighton since 1994

Earth First Action Updates: Online blog and quarterly printed magazine. Direct Action, No leaders, Confront, Stop and Reverse the Destruction of the Earth.

The Land Magazine: Beautifully illustrated occasional magazine covering issues relating to land rights, rural life, agriculture, sustainable development and land access.

Resurgence: a magazine for people who care about the environment, love reading, enjoy new ideas and are looking for inspiration on sustainable living.

Northern Indymedia: Independant news website with links to national and global indy media

BeTheMedia: Independant news roundup

Democracy Now: A daily independant global newshour – online video

Earthlines: A new quarterly magazine writing on nature, place and the environment.

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Campaigning Sites

This is Ecocide: This is Ecocide highlights the need for enforceable, legally binding mechanisms in national and international law to hold to account perpetrators of long term severe damage to the environment. At this critical juncture in history it is vital that we set global standards of accountability for corporations, in order to put an end to the culture of impunity and double standards that pervade the international legal system.

Earth First!: A non-hierarchical organisation that uses direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the forces that are responsible for the destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Rising Tide: Rising Tide is a grassroots network of independent groups and individuals committed to taking action and building a movement against climate change. We do not have a formal membership structure – anyone who supports the political statement on our website can become a part of the network. Rising Tide in the UK is part of the international Rising Tide Network.

Campaign Against Climate Change: This is the UK arm of the global Campaign Against Climate Change. It has details of local groups across the country, as well as lots of useful campaign info, upates, resources and links.

World Development Movement: The climate change section of the WDM website. Lots of campaign info.

Friends of the Earth: The climate change section of the Friends of the Earth website. Lots of campaign info.

Greenpeace: The climate change section of the Greenpeace website. Lots of campaign info.

Climate Change Action: A UK weblog about things of interest to climate change activists.

Transition Town Network: The main homepage for the Transition Town network.

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Sustainable Transport

Electric Bike Network: CIC setting up Electric Bike networks, including the Lake District. The aim of the Electric Bike Network is to get more people cycling for both everyday journeys and also for leisure. It is a not-for-profit organisation to promote low-carbon, sustainable electric travel.

CycleFest: The website of SLACC’s Kendal cycle promotion work. See the links page for websites of local cycling groups.

Freewheelers Bicycle workshop: Lancaster based workers coop running bicycle repairs, tool club, training, shop.

Bicycology: Bicycology is a cyclists’ collective that offers a range of activities to promote cycling and make the links with wider issues of environmental and social responsibility.

Campaign For Better Transport: UK based NGO campaigning for green transport that’s good for people and the planet.

Sustrans: UK based NGO campaigning for better facilities for cyclists and promoting cycling for all. Useful maps of national cycle routes.

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Fracking (Shale Gas) and Extreme Energy (Tar sands etc)

Frack Off: anti-fracking action network. Latest news and resources to resist the fracking invasion. See the links page for links to other useful websites.

Biofuel Watch: Biofuelwatch works to raise awareness of the negative impacts of industrial biofuels and bioenergy on biodiversity, human rights, food sovereignty and climate change.

UK Tar Sands Network: The UK Tar Sands Network campaigns in partnership with Indigenous communities affected by the Tar Sands oil developments in Canada.

Tar Sands: The website of Kendal local Dr Henry Adams who has compiled this website to raise awareness of the Canadian tar sands and the urgent need to take action to stop the worlds biggest environmental catastrophe.

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Stop Nuclear Power Network: The Network is a UK-based non-hierarchical grassroots network of groups and individuals taking action against nuclear power and its expansion and supporting sustainable alternatives. We encourage and seek to facilitate nonviolent direct action, as well as more conventional forms of campaigning.

Radiation Free Lakeland: Preventing the Lake District from becoming a Nuclear Sacrifice Zone.

No 2 Nuclear Power: News and info about the UK nuclear industry.

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Genetic Modification

Stop GM: Up to date fully referenced information on GM in the UK and local and internation resistance. See the links page for further resources and ways to take action.

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Alternatives to Growth/Green Economics

New Economics Foundation: Economics as if people and the planet mattered. nef is an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being.

Kendal LETS: LETS – Local Exchange Trading Systems or Schemes – are local community-based mutual aid networks. Money-less trading

WWOOF UK: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms WWOOF UK is a membership charity, teaching people about organic growing and low-impact lifestyles through hands-on experience in the UK.

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Airport Watch: AirportWatch is an umbrella movement which unites the national environmental organisations and the airport community groups opposed to the aggressive go-for-growth policy of aviation expansion outlined in the Aviation White Paper. AirportWatch aims to oppose any expansion of aviation and airports likely to damage the human or natural environment, and to promote an aviation policy for the UK which is in full accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Plane Stupid: Direct action group targeted at aviation.

Stop Stansted Expansion: Campaigning to stop the expansion of Stansted airport. Also has links to many other similar campaign groups around the country.

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Wind Energy

British Wind Energy Association: A good source of information on everything wind and especially on wind projects in planning, being built or already built.

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The Science Behind Global Warming

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Excellent information on the latest developments and announcements on climate change.

Real Climate: This is a critique of articles that have appeared in the general press by climate scientists. Highly recommended – the discussions are fascinating.

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