Zero Waste Kendal


Zero Waste Kendal is an informal network of individuals based in and around Kendal, Cumbria.


What is ‘Zero Waste’?

Our name aligns us with an international movement that seeks to eliminate waste rather than manage it. Waste is not inevitable- it is the result of overconsumption of our planet’s natural resources. Humans are currently using double what our Earth can provide. This is driving wildlife to extinction, and if current trends continue, we risk leaving an uninhabitable planet for future generations.


What do we do?

We support each other to reduce our own waste footprint, and work together to make positive changes within our local community, so everyone can waste less more easily. Any small effort to waste less- refusing what we don’t need, reusing and repairing what we have, investing in items that last, and disposing of them thoughtfully- can have a huge impact on the environment, and make you feel good too!



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Many thanks to all our partners and supporters.