The truth about the coal mine!

The coal that WCM hopes to dig up and sell is not high quality coking coal essential for UK and EU steelmaking: steel making without ANY coal will grow swiftly from 2024: the “substitution argument” that WCM uses to say the mine would not cause additional GHG emissions is economically illiterate: the mine would not bring many jobs to West Cumbrian residents ; and it is very likely to harm TWO areas of Ancient Woodland, while any “biodiversity gains” would not occur before 2050 or later.

All the links above take you to “Rebuttals” written by SLACC’s expert witnesses, and submitted on the 31st August. SLACC’s key reason for opposing the mine is the approx 9 Mt a year of GHG emissions from the use of the coal in steelmaking. West Cumbria Mining submitted a new Environmental Statement Chapter (by Ecolyse) on this issue on the 10th August, and this will be dealt with at the end of the Inquiry to allow time for consultation. SLACC’s (and FOE’s) Expert Witnesses will comment on it in the next few weeks. If you are speaking at the Inquiry (on the 8th September) you might like to look at the Ecolyse Report, and SLACC’s Rebuttals.