COVID-19 UPDATE: Waste into Wellbeing hopes to reopen Kendal People’s Cafe later this year and is busy planning to make it possible. More information to follow. Our weekly larder-style Community Food Shares continue at Stricklandgate House and Hallgarth Community Centre. Strict COVID-19 safety precautions are in place at both venues. Our 2020 impact report highlights our work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full report here.

About Us

Welcome to the home of Kendal Community Food Shares and Kendal People’s Cafe, two exciting projects delivered through Waste into Wellbeing, part of South Lakes Action on Climate Change.

Waste to Wellbeing is a volunteer led, social project at the heart of Kendal’s Food Community. Food from local supermarkets, shops and eateries which would otherwise be destined for landfill is turned into nourishing meals, provided on a pay what you can basis, or is re-distributed to residents in need through community food shares.

Community Food Shares

Volunteers work hard to collect, sort and store food ready to share it with local residents through two weekly larder-style food shares at Stricklandgate House and Hallgarth Community Centre.

Kendal People’s Cafe

The team of volunteers run a pay what you can café, prepare and deliver meals in conjunction with the NHS and have had a strong presence at many community events and festivals.

Current Projects

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Kendal People Café sessions have been suspended until further notice.

Food Shares

Following the success of the food shares delivered throughout 2020 in response to COVID-19,  Waste into Wellbeing is now running two weekly community food shares at Stricklandgate House and Hallgarth Community Centre. The shares are open to anyone and individuals are invited to browse the food and drink available, taking what they need. Please note, restrictions may apply to ensure a fair share.

The food we have on offer is surplus donations from local food retailers and food re-distribution charity Fare Share. It is rescued food which would otherwise have been wasted. Whilst all the food is perfectly fine, it might have a short use-by date. Due to the fluctuating supply we cannot guarantee what we will have available each week, but we try to share what we have as fairly as possible. 

Community Larder Food Share Details

Lunch Bunch

Waste into Wellbeing is delighted to be working with the marvellous nurses and carers of the local NHS Integrated Care in the Community team. The Lunch Bunch scheme sees vulnerable and socially isolated elderly residents gather together once a month for a two-course lunch and a good natter.

Throughout 2020, the project changed to home deliveries, but we are thrilled to be back to face-to-face gatherings once again. We are currently running weekly lunches for smaller numbers, so that all our 30-40 members “Lunch Bunchers” get to come along at least once a month.

Get Involved


If you like what we do and have some spare time, whether it be a couple of hours a week, or a couple of hours a month, then take a look at our volunteering page for more information.

Donate Surplus Food

If you’re a business with surplus food stock or a resident with a glut of homegrown produce, read about how you can donate here.

Monetary Donations

We welcome donations from organisations and individuals alike. These financial contributions help sustain the support we offer the community and rescue more food from landfill.

Recipe Inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to cook with waste food or tips on how to reduce your food waste then check out some recipe inspiration from our friends at Growing Well.

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Our Supporters

Thank you to the following organisations who are currently supporting us through grant funding or in-kind contributions:

Special thanks must also go to the number of private donors who support our operation with one-off or regular donations.

Sincere thanks must go to the following organisations who are committed to reducing food waste while supporting the community.

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