Monetary Donations

What we do

During COVID activities shifted from the regular Kendal Peoples Cafe to a service which currently provides approximately 120 food bags a week to individuals and families who need some help with food. This is different  to the support offered by Manna House (homeless persons) and the Food Bank (only those who are referred to them)

We also produce a meal twice a month specifically for frail older and isolated individuals referred through the NHS support services. This used to be a community lunch at the Parish Hall called “Lunch Bunch” but is now a delivered meal.

It involves producing meals in the South Lakes Foyer kitchen or the Parish Church Hall kitchen using food that would otherwise be wasted from supermarkets and other donors.

Our Costs

Our costs include: Packaging, paying rent and services in our stores, hired kitchens and freezer store, as well as to one part time co-ordinator taken on with a Freida Scott grant just before COVID.

How to Donate

We welcome donations and have received them from some including individuals who have had to work from home and therefore not incurring their usual travel costs. We are happy to allocate donations directly to specific aspects of the operation from the list above.

Donations can be made by direct transfer to our main account:
SLACC tt. Unity Trust Bank.
Sort Code 60 83 01   Account Number 20200181

Alternatively if you wish to send a cheque please email 

Donations may be Gift Aided.