Another European town competes a citizens’ jury on climate change

As the Kendal Climate Change Citizens Jury reaches its conclusion and starts to promote its findings and recommendations, we take a look at how another town is making progress on climate change.Nyon is a town in Switzerland which is very similar to Kendal – its population is about the same size and it has various small villages within its catchment area. Situated on Lake Geneva it is a ‘town of festivals’, and with strong connections to surrounding farming (dairy, fruit, and wine). Earlier this year the Council produced a climate strategy which has various similarities but also a few differences to what is happening in Kendal. The strategy has five major themes:
Buildings and energy (all about upgrading energy efficiency)Transport and Mobility (encouraging cycling and pedestrians)Anticipating the Consequences of Climate Change (planting trees for shade and water saving)Engaging the population and private sectorCouncil run task force on climate and sustainability (an integrated approach to Council activities)
The first two areas are common to the deliberations in Kendal, though Nyon has no focus on food and agriculture. Nyon is starting to anticipate the need to adapt to climate change: the climate in Nyon will become more like Madrid in the future so its efforts are on saving water and planting more trees to provide shade around town. 
What is interesting is the emphasis in both towns on building support within the community. Kendal has set up a Jury to consider what the town can do, and is currently fundraising to make a film to promote the issue and to start a broader discussion within the town. Nyon Council is also starting this process to get support for its proposed actions. It will be interesting to compare progress in the coming months and years.
For those interested, there are more details in a brochure here (in French).