Day 4 at the Public Inquiry “hoose”!

This morning West Cumbria Mining’s QC Gregory Jones QC is cross examining SLACC’s witness, Rebekah Diski of the New Economics Foundation. Then a few more “Interested Parties” will speak, followed by a (probably short) cross examination of Mark Kirkbride (WCM CEO) by SLACC’s Junior Counsel, Rowan Clapp. Follow todays Inquiry , or watch previous days proceedings, on YouTube.

WCM continue to backtrack in the face of SLACCs evidence. A new report from Wood Mackenzie (submitted the day before the Inquiry) admits that all UK and EU27 blast furnaces will have to close if global temperature rises are to be “held” below 1.5 degrees C. But, apparently, the West Cumbria Mining product would still have a market in Asia where it’s sulphur content would be less of a barrier! So much for the UK Coal for the UK steel Industry myth.