Launch of our Pollinators Project

Kendal Pollinators Project  Launch Event

Come along to Unitarian Chapel School Room on Wednesday 16th November 7pm to 9pm for a buzzing evening and help us get our exciting new project flying. Unitarian Chapel is on Branthwaite Brow (close to Bootleggers). Go through the metal gates and round the right hand side of the chapel to get to the schoolroom.

Getting Kendal buzzing

On 16th November the Kendal Pollinators Project will be launched at the Unitarian Chapel School Rooms. After a year of preparation, discussions and seeking funding, South Lakes Action on Climate Change, Kendal Town Council and South Lakeland District Council are about to start a buzzing new project which will see schools and community groups in Kendal invited to join in with a range of projects which will explain the importance of, and create homes and habitat for pollinating insects.


The project aims over 3 years to develop a corridor buzzing with life on the canal tow path through the middle of Kendal. Schools and community groups will be asked to develop plots on the canal tow path which will, in different ways, explain the importance of and encourage pollinating insects. This will form an outdoor public gallery of mini-projects, ideas and experiments all about the importance to us all of our pollinators.

Who is involved?

We are seeking to recruit 5 schools and 2 community groups to work with us on the Kendal Pollinators Project. Each of these will develop their own mini-project, which they will choose depending on their interests and resources. We have funding to support the development of each mini-project. Each mini-project will be supported through the process by the project consultant who will be able to provide friendly guidance, help to develop project ideas, and links to lots of exciting resources.

Where will this happen?

Each of the mini-projects will take place on the canal tow-path through Kendal, but there could also be supporting work happening, for instance, in school grounds. It is important that members of the public can see how each mini-project develops over the course of 3 years.

Science in the community

The core of Kendal Pollinators Project is to engage people in citizen science which develops ideas about how we can improve habitats for pollinating insects in our own communities. Each mini-project will involve a scientific investigation over 3 years. It could be recording how numbers of wildflowers vary in different areas; monitoring insect numbers; investigating how changes to mowing regimes effect pollinators; or how different planting schemes benefit pollinators; exploring methods of managing hay meadows in public areas; or investigating the impacts of placing bee hives or nesting in public areas. Or something else which interests you. Whatever your experiment is, it should be carried out within the framework of the Kendal Pollinators Project, should be carried through for a minimum of 3 years, and it should contribute to a better understanding of how to explain the importance of, and create homes and habitat for pollinating insects.

More info

Kendal Pollinators Project employs a consultant to manage and support the project. To register your interest, or for a chat about the project contact Stuart Lockton by phone on 07967 630956 or e-mail Stuart