Objections submitted against West Cumbria Mining Planning Application

Well done to everyone who has submitted objections to the Cumbria Coal Mine application. Some amazingly powerful objections have been put in, and I have only had a chance to look at a few. SLACC’s objection, which I am writing, isn’t in yet, but that’s OK. (have an agreement to be a bit late).

People are saying to me, “How could they approve this application after all the evidence that has now been submitted?

WCM are saying (in effect)- our old case was based on substitution, we have given some more evidence to help convince you all and to counteract all the objectors, BUT if you are not completely sure that we were correct about substitution here is an alternative. But the alternative is just as bad as the original.

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to kindly explain to our councillors:

  1. That there is no need for WCM’s coal 
  2. WCM will NOT replace 100% of the “coal that would otherwise be extracted and imported from elsewhere”
  3. The mine would cause significantly more GHG emissions than if it were NOT given permission, and
  4. The “alternative” proposed by WCM is JUST AS BAD AS WHAT THEY PROPOSED BEFORE