Paris 11th December

COP 21 PARIS 2015. Updates from slacc tt members time in Paris

11th December 2015

I am afraid that the news on the climate talks in Paris  is not as good as it sounds in the papers. Although the 1.5 degree temperature rise target is better than the previous 2 degree one, their is little or nothing in the draft agreement to make this happen.

The national pledges , or INDCs, would result in a 3 degree rise at least, and they are in every way only voluntary. The timing is also very late, and the delay in reducing emissions uses up our precious carbon budget. The mechanism to achieve any emission reduction is carbon trading, which has not yet worked anywhere and has in fact increased emissions while making a lot of money for companies.

Even the Guardian seems to be reporting the official Le Bourget view , but the highly intelligent, calm and well informed people from many many nations meeting in the climate coalition are saying that the UN process is not going to save us from catastrophic climate change and all its effects on war, famine and refugees. There is, I am afraid , a lot of hypocrisy and spin from the EU and US, and other major emitters. The US just sued India , and won, for  developing solar energy plans that the US saw as a restriction on free trade, yet they criticise India for not joining the “high ambition” group at the talks.

There is however a very strong international consensus and climate movement, which will attempt to express that on the streets in Paris on Saturday. We need a binding agreement to keep the fossil fuels in the ground. Nothing else will allow our children and grandchildren to live in peace on this earth.