Public Inquiry Hearing starts 7th September

The hearing for the Public Inquiry on the Coal Mine will open on the 7th September 2021 and will last for several weeks. SLACC intends to get involved in the Inquiry, and is currently considering what issues to pursue, and what evidence/ expert witnesses to involve. Some other organisations are likely to get involved too.

There are ways to help, especially for Cumbria residents. SLACC thinks it is very important that Cumbria CC doesn’t rush to agree too much “common ground” with West Cumbria Mining at this stage. The County Council acknowledged in October 2020 that steel making without coking coal is a reality, but they thought the mine could continue to December 2049 “if nothing changes”. Change has now happened! The UK Climate Change Committee has made it clear that the steel industry must be zero carbon by 2035 if the UK is to meet the net Zero Carbon by 2050 target. Furthermore they say that, it would be beneficial if this did not involve coking coal. Furthermore, the Materials Processing Institute and Syndex UK have just released a report that argues the UK steel industry will only stay competitive, and maintain jobs, if it does decarbonise. Full report . More information on Steel Without Coal will be available on the SLACC website soon.