Coal Mine Decision TODAY

4 years ago when SLACC started to oppose this mine, it was hard to get anyone interested. Today we are told it could cause a new Tory split. The truth about this coal, that the UK Steel industry don’t need or want it is on Channel 4, and experts around the world know how much this coal mine, tucked away on the north west coast of Cumbria, says about governments and their lack of meaningful action on the climate and ecological emergency.

We would be delighted but surprised if Gove refuses planning permission for the mine. The details will matter. What % sulphur limit will he impose via the planning conditions? What expiry date will he set? Will he allow West Cumbria Mining to “drill” under two areas of ancient woodland? Has the Planning Inspector recommended approval or refusal?

SLACC’s legal team are standing by to make a quick initial assessment. We will get this out in the public domain as soon as we can. If Gove says yes to the mine, SLACC will need funds to pay for a “Counsel’s Opinion” on whether there are reasonable grounds to seek a Judicial Review. SLACC Trustees will consider the situation very carefully before making a decision, but either way SLACC will need further support from the wonderful people who have been an integral part of this journey so far. A new CrowdJustice funding page will be launched soon after the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) announces their decision. The link will be publicised here, on Twitter @slacctt and will be sent by email to those who have donated previously.

Whether Gove says YES or NO to the mine, use social media to get your view out there. Make a little placard, take a photo of yourself holding it, and post it on Twitter or Facebook etc. If you know people who are demonstrating somewhere. Join in. Our government needs to know that WE KNOW what they are doing and want them to take real action.