Cumbria Coal Mine. Yes or No?

The decision on the Cumbria Coal Mine could be imminent! Please sign this Greenpeace petition to Michael Gove asking him to say NO. He promised to decide before the 7th July, but it could be earlier, so please act quickly and share the petition on social media.

SLACC members may be hoping desperately for the mine to be refused, but are bracing themselves for the usual kind of bad news. In spite of still being Chair of COP 26 our government has been encouraging oil and gas wells, and allowed a coal mine in Wales recently. If the Cumbria mine gets the go ahead, there might be good grounds to challenge the decision. That would need more funds, and we will be starting a CrowdJustice fundraiser soon. If it’s refused, SLACC and other Cumbrian sustainability groups need to keep on pressing for a sustainable future for all Cumbrians….