You may have seen reports that West Cumbria Mining’s principal shareholder, the Singapore-based EMR Capital Investment, may drop its support of the project “due to the uncertainty of both the length and outcome of the public inquiry. We have no idea what that would mean for the Public Inquiry, but SLACC’s legal team , our planning consultant, and SLACC members and Trustees involved in the Public Inquiry are working closely with the Friends of the Earth team to present the best case we can against the mine.

Evidence submitted by Expert Witnesses for West Cumbria Mining on the 10th August is being “pored over” to see whether SLACC or FOE need to “rebut” statements that we think are incorrect, and if we need to submit Rebuttal Statements. If we do, then that has to be by 31st August. WCM has proposed some changes to the way they would construct the conveyor, but with no details or assessment of the environmental impacts, and have also submitted a new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment. This all makes extra work.

Some temporary boosts to the SLACC Team will help us to update you, and the wider community over the next few months. This Coal Mine is amazingly important, and we need to spread the word.